Art instruction in Wilmington, NC
Learn to Paint in Oils and Acrylics
Learn to paint in oil, water-based oil or acrylic. Paint a seascape, landscape, still life and more! Learn about composition, value,
color mixing and how to create depth in a painting! If you don't have oils or acrylics, I can supply you with some for the first
session. I would recommend a two-hour lesson the first time.

Please fill in the form below to request  more information. As soon as I receive your request, I'll email or call you so that we can
talk about the lessons and schedule a time to meet. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Art Lessons in Wilmington, NC
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Paint Party in Wilmington, NC
Eleanor,I Love my oil painting
lessons. You are so patient and
dedicated and determined to
make me know that yes,
I can paint. Cant wait to start a
new painting.
~ Terry M.
Eleanor was patient and very
knowledgeable. I learned many
techniques over the course of
my lessons that have had an
empowering effect. I now feel
confident working with oils.
Eleanor is bright and kind. In
the future,I hope to work with
Eleanor again.
~ Audrey S.
Eleanor obviously
knows her stuff and was
wonderful guiding my
teenage daughter during
her first ever lesson in
painting (started with oils).
My daughter is so looking
forward to get next lesson!
~ Patti M.
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I’ve had an amazing experience
with Eleanor. Though I had no
previous experience with oil
paint, she inspires me to never
give up. I’m extremely happy with
the work Ive created and couldn't
have done it without her. I look
forward to each and every lesson.
~ Katy K.
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