Art instruction in Wilmington, NC
Paint a seascape, landscape, animals and more! I've been painting my entire life and teach classes in oil and acrylic painting. Learn
about composition, value, color mixing, how to create depth in a painting and more! I'll walk you through step by step and paint along
with you. As artists, if we paint from our hearts as well as our heads, the end result will show. I'd like my students to feel a connection
with what they're painting such as a favorite place or pet. So, prior to class, I ask that you choose a subject meaningful to you which
will result in a keepsake to cherish and proudly hang in your home.
Art Lessons in Wilmington, NC
"Eleanor, I love my oil
painting lessons. You are
so determined to let me
know that I can paint. Can't
wait to start a new painting.

~ Terry Marshall
Boiling Springs, NC
"Eleanor was patient and very knowledgeable.
I learned many techniques during my lessons
that have had an empowering effect. I now feel
confident working with oils. Eleanor is bright
and kind. In the future,I hope to work with her

~ Audrey
Wilmington, NC
"Eleanor obviously knows her
stuff and was wonderful guiding
my teenage daughter during her
first ever lesson in painting with
oils. My daughter is so lesson!"

~ Patti M
San Antonio, Texas
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"I've had an amazing experience with
Eleanor. Though I had no previous
experience with oil paint, she inspires me
to never give up. I’m extremely happy with
the work I've created and couldn't have
done it without her. I look forward to each
and every lesson."

~ Katy Kohut
Raleigh, NC
"My son, Michael's drawing
skills and technique have
greatly improved since he's
been receiving Eleanor's
instruction. He finds the
lessons challenging but has
thrived under her direction.
Eleanor is a patient and kind
instructor and has helped
Michael tap into a skill which we
could not develop on our own.

~ Elizabeth Walters
Wilmington, NC
The cost of painting lessons is $30 Hr. or you have the option of purchasing a package of six lessons for $165. Please go to my contact page to
request more information. As soon as I receive your inquiry, I'll email or call you so that we can discuss the painting process and schedule a time to
paint. I'll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
"Eleanor never let me give up
on my painting. She definitely
has a way of finding the artistic
side of people. Having never
painted with oils before, I feel
confident that I can embark on
my own projects with the skills
Eleanor has taught me. I would
love to paint with her again!

~ Michelle Ly
Wilmington, NC
"I selected our beach walk on Figure
Eight Island as the subject. It really is an
amazing piece of art and both my
husband and I are thrilled! I couldn't be
happier with my lessons as I now have
the skills to create my own gorgeous
works of art for years to come. I highly
recommend Eleanor as a fantastic
teacher and inspiring artistic mentor!”

~ Jennifer Andrews
Las Vagas, Nevada
"Eleanor is an amazing artist and
teacher. I was completely amazed
by the results of my painting under
her direction and will continue to
learn all I can from her. I have a
great time when I am there!

~ Darlene Courtemanche
Wilmington, NC
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Most of the people I've taught have never painted before. If you don't have paints or brushes, I'll start you out using mine. You'll just need to bring a
canvas and the desire to paint. After the first lesson, I'll provide a list of supplies to bring to your next lesson. A minimum two-hour lesson is necessary
the first time we meet to allow introducing you to your tools, sketching in your subject and applying the first layer of paint. After the initial lesson, you
decide how often you'd like to paint depending on your schedule and budget. It will take several lessons to complete a painting so it is a commitment.
However, if you love painting, you'll want to stay with it for awhile. You might compare it to taking piano or guitar lessons. It would take more than one
lesson to become proficient in both. If you live outside the Shallotte, NC, area, I can also come to you for an additional charge to cover travel time.
"I thoroughly enjoyed painting with Eleanor.
She was very helpful and flexible with my time
schedule. She was patient with the process of
teaching this 50+ year old beginner! I learned
about mixing color, value, different brushes to
use and techniques. From sketching out the
initial shapes on the canvas to cleaning brushes
afterward, every session was informative,
professional and enjoyable. Eleanor is a
talented and experienced artist who skillfully
passes along her knowledge of the painting
process. Money and time well spent!

~ Donna Ratliff, Lynchburg, Virginia
"Eleanor has been a great
teacher showing how to use
color, balance, the art of telling a
story and most of all the use of
light to make a painting come
alive. She is extremely kind and
patient. She has a terrific ability
of scale and space in a painting.
I enjoy our friendship and
spending time with her.
I had not painted in four years and now have the interest of painting again
thanks to her. I am painting daily at home now and really enjoying it.  Her
artwork is wonderful!”

~ David Pope, Wilson, NC
"My daughter had her first private
lesson with Eleanor this afternoon
and we could not be more
pleased! It was a real pleasure
meeting Eleanor and getting to
see her beautiful work in person!

~ Kelley Gr
Wilmington, NC
You Can Learn To Paint!
"It was a pleasure working with
Eleanor, a true artist. I had only used
acrylics and was nervous about trying
oils. She was so helpful, encouraging
and patient. I learned about color
values, color mixing, creating color
charts and even cleanup techniques.
Thank you, Eleanor for a wonderful

~ Sandy G.
Holden Beach, NC
After you purchase your gift certificate
I will personalize it for you. Just call or
email me to discuss your request.
Due to the Covid 19, I am offering private art lessons remotely from my home to yours. If you'd like to
consider painting from the comfort of your home, please email me and or send a message by filling in the
contact form. I'll respond to you with a phone call or email to discuss how to prepare for the lessons. If
you'd like to purchase a gift certificate, you can use the PayPal button to the right. After payment, please
send an email or call so arrangements can be made to communicate with the recipient of your gift
certificate. I will also customize the certificate for you at no additional charge. Thank you.