Wedding Portrait From Your Photos
What a great gift idea to have a custom painting done of your wedding day, even if it took place years ago. Just
provide me with the photo you'd like to capture in a painting and pick a size.

I try very hard to listen and give you exactly what you're looking for. After all, it is your special day and you need to be
happy with the final result. In the end, my goal is to provide you with a quality work of art painted with quality materials.
If you live in Wilmington or the surrounding area, I'll meet with you and we'll determine which photos would be best for
a wedding portrait. It will take approximately three or more weeks to complete the painting and allow drying time.

The painting is created in oils with a minimum canvas size of 16” x 20.” Before making a decision on size, please
think about where you'll hang the painting in your home. For example, if you want to hang it over a fireplace mantle,
you might want to commission a larger piece. A down payment is required before work begins and is non-refundable.
We'll keep in touch and I will inform you of the progress of the painting.

Just a note: The oil painting will require adequate drying time before being picked up locally or shipped to your
location. Shipping costs are additional and extra care will be taken to assure your painting will arrive safely.

Please give me a call at
910-795-7425. You can also send an email to
Wedding Portraits From Your Photos!
"Have a custom portrait of your special day! The final result is a beautiful painting as a memorable keepsake."
The painting is AMAZING!! Thank you so much! We absolutely love it.
You captured every detail so perfectly and I am just so happy with how
incredible it looks! We will find the perfect spot for it in our home.
~ Meghan L.
Wedding Reception Painting
Coastline Convention Center, Wilmington, NC
Coastline Convention Center, Wilmington, NC
Eleanor painted the first dance of the bride and groom on their wedding day
held at the Coastline Convention Center in Wilmington. After she finished
the painting, she delivered it to us. It was stunning. Absolutely GORGEOUS.
It perfectly captured what we wanted of the wedding day. As the mother of
the groom, I cannot tell you how special it is to have this precious portrait
of my son's first dance with his bride! I would suggest Davin Studios to
anyone looking for fine art or event portraits!
~ Cathi Lucas
Naval Academy Chapel, Annapolis, Maryland
Bride and Groom watching
the painting in progress.
This is the scene I painted from
the rooftop of the Fleet Reserve
Club in Annapolis, Md.
This is the finished painting of
the Naval Academy Chapel in
Annapolis, MD
Painting of Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis, Maryland
Thank you so much, Eleanor, for this beautiful
portrait that you painted for our daughter
Caitlin and her husband Darren of their
wedding reception at the Carolina Yacht Club.
What talent you have!!! This will be such a
treasure for them for many years to come.

~ Mitzi Daughtry.
"Your painting on our wedding
day was so special. Thank you
for doing that for us."

~ Beverly P.
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Wedding Reception Painting
Carolina Yacht Club Wrightsville Beach, NC
Southport, NC
9 x 12         $  550.00
11 x 14         $  650.00
12 x 16         $  750.00
14 x 18         $  850.00
16 x 20         $1100.00
18 x 24         $1350.00
20 x 24         $1550.00
24 x 30         $2200.00
30 x 40         $2500.00
Wedding Oil Portrait Pricing
When you decide to commission a painting,
deposit of 50% of the total is due when
placing your order. Allow approximately 6-8  
weeks for completion depending on the
complexity of the painting. NC sales tax will
apply to local orders.
Shallotte, NC
Phone:  910-795 -7425